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Scores As Of: 02 Jul 2015
Last Data Profile update:12 Jun 2015

ISS Governance QuickScore Pillars

9 Governance QuickScore

Scores indicate decile rank relative to index or region. A decile score of 1 indicates lower governance risk,while a 10 indicates higher governance risk.


ISS Governance QuickScore Pillars

Board Structure7
Subcategory & Impact:
High Negative ImpactBoard Composition
 Composition of the Committees
 Board Practices
 Board Policies
 Related Party Transactions
Subcategory & Impact:
High Negative ImpactPay For Performance
 Non-Performance Based Pay
 Use Of Equity
 Equity Risk Mitigation
 Communications and Disclosure
High Negative ImpactTermination
High Negative ImpactControversies
Shareholder Rights6
Subcategory & Impact:
 One Share One Vote
 Takeover Defenses
High Negative ImpactMeeting and Voting Related Issues
Audit & Risk Oversight2
Subcategory & Impact:
 External Auditor
 Audit and Accounting Controversies
 Other Issues
High Positive Impact The total number of points in this subcategory is at the top of the possible range.
High Negative Impact The total number of points in this subcategory is at the bottom of the possible range.
  No Star or Flag: The total number of points in this subcategory is in the middle of the possible range.


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ISS Governance QuickScore is derived from publicly disclosed data on a company's governance practices. Scores indicate decile rank among relative index or region. Scores are calculated at each pillar by summing the factor scores in that pillar. Not all factors and not all subcategories have equal weight. For more information on ISS Governance QuickScore, visit For questions, please contact: